ahhh i went broke aften gettin Cethins daub yesterday and now the y have glasses out

its the one out of two items i needed for medic


two thirds of the way done ad broke on fr again

no worries i should get more munnies by the time loki’s hatchlings come along

look at this babes now all i need is bar genes [come on market inflation/no not really but come on]


and his pretty lady

aahh yes right after teal says he doesnt need the chest i get one

So give them blood

blood, gallons of the stuff!

Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough.

So give them blood, blood, blood.

Grab a glass because there’s going to be a flood!

the top tundra and mirror are triple blood the bottom are xyy the yy being blood

next time i’ll have to ask teal if i can host these at his place


so i got that cute pink spiral last week well look at him now


all decked out in arcane gear

i am going to need an arcane nest for his babbies

Far from home



As soon as he arrives, he’s rocked by the scents of new dragons, new items, new clothes, new everything.

Nothing smells of home.

Each clan member - and there are many of them - comes in turn to greet him; soft muzzles press light kisses to his tufty mane, and gentle words are offered to him, welcoming him to his new family.

None of these faces smell of home.

Some of them are huge, scary. He flinches away from those muzzles, a little cry escaping his mouth until suddenly an emerald-eyed female lifts him up, cradling him in her arms.


"Hello, little one." Her words are caring and quiet, whispered to him so as not to scare him. "My name is Cryvix, and I am to be your new mother."

She isn’t fluffy like Mother.

From behind her, a pointed face leans close, blue eyes seeming to smile as they watch the little Tundra.


"And I’m your new Daddy." Sovari says, before nuzzling his lifemate.

He doesn’t have flower-scent like Father.

A few minutes more pass, and the little boy is brought to his new sleeping place. It’s big, and comfortable, and soft, but it isn’t his nest. Sitting next to him is a soft dolly dragon with pink eyes like his parents’. He curls up with his new stuffed toy, and soon finds his eyes closing - but he’s suddenly woken when the fluff beneath him shifts and moves.
He screws himself up into a small ball, afraid and unsure as the fluff parts to reveal two pink eyes in which he sees himself reflected.


The Starbear blinks sleepily, then noses the little Tundra and licks his cheek before settling back down to continue his nap.

The tundra watches the bear silently, but after a few moments, a little smile appears on his face.

This is home.



i got a chest plus it was the one i wanted most

on that note i managed to gather the 20000 i needed to complete this weeks goals for that daub gene [thank goodness for ah inflation/no not really]

here is Ténèbres with his new daub gene


now to get bar but that will take forever


yesterday i spent 5 hours grinding at bamboo falls[i was in charge of guarding a door at a party yesterday i had wifi ok]

and i got


but a

holiday chest